When Things Don't Turn Out


Things do not always turn out like you had hoped.

This is especially true when it comes to baking. Today, the entire center of my cake oozed out when I flipped it over because it was so under baked.

Over the years I have had many mishaps in the kitchen. Things I had labored over for hours were just plain disastrous once I pulled them from the oven. For example, when I made my very first apple pie I forgot to peel the apples. So, into the pie went the apples- skin and all! My family compared eating this pie to eating shards of glass.

I once had little tree shaped sugar cookies that fell into the bottom of the oven and caught on fire. We had a little forest fire in the oven that day.

I have had countless cakes that did not rise or cook properly that were made into trifles, which you can make by crumbling up your cake that fell apart and layering it with whipped cream or pudding and fruit. It is a joke now that if something I make doesn’t turn out, my family suggests making a trifle with it.

It can be very disheartening when things don’t happen like you expected them to. What is important is how we respond to these instances. Life will disappoint us, but we can’t stay in that disappointment because we can’t change what has already happened. We must continue to move forward and accept that the past is behind us. This is how I feel about baking school. It was not at all what I had hoped it would be.

My writing this is not to give the school I went to a bad reputation because it is a really good program for a lot of people. I just wasn’t one of them. I think in my head I had imagined school would be like the popular television show, “The Great British Baking Show.” I had this fantasized image of learning to make something new each day in a pretty little tent with laughter and funny hosts coming around to check in and see how I was doing. But it wasn’t. A lot of school was doing things I had already learned from working in a bakery and I should have done more research into the program before attending. I gave up a lot to go to school, and it is really hard not to look back and ask, “What If I had done X, Y, or Z instead?”

I have realized there is plenty of good that came from baking school. I feel more energized to pursue my dream of opening a bakery. I feel confident that I have the skills to be a good manager and leader. I think I needed a little push to get me to really start thinking about how I can make my dream a reality. I talk about this dream a lot, but now is the time to take the steps to make it happen.

Although baking school wasn’t what I had hoped for, I am okay with that. I would easily have made other choices had I known then what I did now, but I am not going to dwell on that. I still have so much life to live and so many experiences to be had, so I am going to soak up those as they come each and every day. If I swore off baking after my first mistake, I wouldn’t be where I am at today pursuing opening a bakery.

With Love,


Callie JohnsonComment