BAY-kery Tour


This post is long overdue! I actually just found the draft I had written right after coming back from my weekend trip to Oakland, CA back in February for a BAYkery tour. My best friend since 2nd grade lives in Oakland, and she spent the weekend showing me lots of bakeries in the Bay area. Hence, the clever name: BAYkery Tour. I cannot take credit for that. That was all Hannah!

Originally this blog post was a detailed description of all the bakeries I went to and what I ate, which could be fun for some of you to read, but I decided that wasn’t what was most important about the trip.

What I took away from this trip the most was how good it is to have people in your life who support you. Hannah has been an incredibly supportive friend and has 100% confidence that I will open a storefront some day. I need people like this in my life because when I stop believing my dream could be a reality I just have to call her and she gets me back on track.

Hannah has spent hours with me brainstorming how to make my business better. She helped me put together a plan for the coming year of what I want to do and where I want to see my bakery go. It is helpful that Hannah has known me as long as she has. She knows a lot of my insecurities and doubts, so she can easily address these and encourage me to keep moving forward. The fact that she gave up a weekend to take me around her city and help me research what I want to do in my bakery was such an act of love.

Another special thing about this trip was just seeing all of the bakeries that were operating. It really gave me hope that my dream can be a reality. A lot of the things I tasted were amazing, but I also felt really excited that I enjoy my baked goods just as much. I truly feel like I can be successful because I am passionate about what I make.

Also, and maybe even more so because I am surrounded by a lot of people who support me and encourage me to pursue my dream. I am so blessed by the support I have in this dream of mine. Thank you to all of the people who have walked this journey with me and are continuing to support me and love me. 

Ok, and now some photos of things I ate for all the foodies out there!

With Love,


Callie Johnson