Hello, 2019!



“This is what I wanted to do since I was a little kid. If you apply yourself, work hard to be persistent, and don’t give up, you can achieve anything you want to achieve.” –Lt. Col. Michael P. Anderson



Looking back on 2018, there is a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. This was the year I made more time for my business, and that has paid off dramatically. I am really excited about the things that happened in the past year and what this next year holds in store. Keep reading to see the exciting thing 2019 brings!


Let’s look back at the year:

In January, I set aside a few hours a week to spend on my business- filling out applications for farmers’ markets, working on my social media, etc.

February, I promoted orders for Valentine cookie boxes.


March-May was prepping for the farmers’ markets I would be in and a continuation of spending a few hours each week on computer work for the business.

June-October I felt like my life revolved around farmers’ markets (South Perry Thursday Market and Emerson Garfield farmers’ market on Fridays). As soon as one ended it seemed the preparation for the following week began.


October I quit my job and dedicated myself to building the career I have always dreamed of.

November was the month for the biggest Thanksgiving sale to date and the month that an amazing opportunity to take over a lease on a building all set up to be a bakery came into my lap.


December finished off with some awesome Christmas cookie boxes and was the month that…


I signed the lease to officially start leasing the bakery space!!!


It is crazy to look back and see all that happened in just one short year.

The more time I set aside for my business, the more it grew. Having my own bakery has been a dream of mine since sixth grade. It feels a bit surreal to have a building I can call my own and to start preparing it to be open for store hours.

From this past year, I learned how surrounded I am by supportive and loving people. I had friends come over to help me stamp or fold boxes or simply sit in the kitchen and visit with me when I had to bake. Friends came to visit me at the markets, and my parents faithfully helped me set up and tear down for almost every single market this summer (and there were A LOT).

I learned what the important things in life are that I need to make time for. What I am most proud of from this last year is that it was the first time I confidently said, “I am a baker” when asked what I did for a living. Since graduating from college I would say I have had insecurity about whatever job I was holding at the time. I am excited to finally feel like I am doing what I am meant to do.

This next year is going to be even more of an adventure. It will be scary, but I feel so loved and supported that it gives me the courage to step out and continue pursuing this big dream of mine. I found this quote a while back, and I think it perfectly sums up my current feelings.

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