My Favorite Thing to Bake

Triple Berry Pies

Triple Berry Pies

People often ask me, “What’s your favorite thing to bake?” That answer has changed throughout the years.

I remember sugar cookies being my favorite at one point. There are all these stages you go through when making sugar cookies. You make the dough, chill the dough, roll the dough out, bake the dough, wait for the cookies to cool, frost and decorate the cookies, eat the cookies! I love the order of the process and the fun of frosting the cookies. Pecan pie bars were also once a favorite to make, but I really just liked eating them.

Today, if you asked me this question my answer would be pie. Not just any pie, but triple berry pie. Making triple berry pie has become such a comfort to me. I get to form the pie dough, cook the filling, and then assemble the pie with a beautiful lattice top. Seeing that beauty come out of the oven is so rewarding. The other reason I enjoy making this pie is because God spoke to me one of the first few times I made it. Now, this wasn’t some audible voice from heaven nor was a message spelled out in the berries, but as I was thinking and praying while making this pie I knew God wanted me to hear a message. So, here it is.

My version of a triple berry pie requires cooking the filling on the stove. You cook the filling until it reaches a certain thickness. As it cooks, I stand over the stove and stir. I watch the berries slowly soften and their juices mix with the sugar and cornstarch. There is a lot of waiting as the liquid takes time to thicken up to the perfect consistency. I wait and wait as I stir, and then almost instantaneously it thickens up and I only have to stir a few more times before it is finished. Really the filling has been heating up the whole time and once it finally reaches that certain temperature the consistency changes, and it is just about done.

On this particular occasion of making triple berry pie, I was feeling rather impatient. I was stirring and waiting, but the filling would not thicken. I just wanted to move on to the next steps. In my actual life I was also waiting for something. I was pining for a new season in life. Anything but my current situation. I didn’t like my job. Post-college life was not what I had hoped for. I was honestly totally absorbed in myself and felt very lonely.

I continued to stir my filling, and it seemed that all at once it magically thickened. God was telling me that I just needed to continue to wait and that all at once life will change. I was not going to be in that situation forever, and I needed to be grateful for where He currently had me because this life flies by.

In the midst of the waiting God was preparing me for something. Just like the berries were being heated up to be made into a deliciously sweet pie filling, God was working in me and getting me ready for the next season of life. I just had to be patient and trust what He was doing.

This memory has been on my mind a lot lately. Although I am in a totally different season than I was back then (I love my job. I just started baking school. I am surrounded by people who love and care for me.), I still find myself impatient and longing for the next seasons of life. I have to remind myself that God has me where He wants me. Even if I don’t know the reasons, He is constantly at work in me and growing me. I was on a walk yesterday and felt such peace about this. The beautiful fall leaves were changing, and I felt content. I know there are going to be lots of seasons in my life, and some will be better than others. For now, I am trying to choose to be present and grateful.

With Love, 


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